​​Enlightened  Dressage  

"Ethical ConsciousnessFor All Equestrians"

Teaching Subjects

Enlightened Dressage describes the philosophy that is the cornerstone of my teaching. I take care to ensure my students come away with a deeper understanding of the practical "HOW" and "WHY" of each lesson. Without clarity, there is no learning. This is why I have chosen to follow the path of Philippe Karl. His is a simple, progressive and logical system of training a horse that doesn't include any form of force, restraint or disrespect, and always has the well being of the horse at its center.

Mise en Main - Education of the Hand, Jaw Yielding

Flexions - Lateral Neck Flexions and Neck Extension

Lessons of the Reins - Shoulder Mobilization

Lessons of the Leg - Forwards Driving and Hind Quarter Mobilization

School Exercises - Shoulder In, Counter Shoulder In, Travers, Renvers


Canter Strike Off

Counter Canter

Flying Changes


Jambette & Spanish Walk