Students are carefully taken through the progressive stages of their education starting with Mise en Main, or education of the hand to the horse's mouth and vice versa. The horse requires a gradual education to the hand and its effects, just as the student needs to learn to use their hands intelligently. This is the first and most important step, since the lightness, and balance depend on it. Read more in Teaching Topics ...

"Art is beautiful when the head, heart and hand work together." J. Ruskin

​​Enlightened  Dressage  

"Ethical ConsciousnessFor All Equestrians"

 Classical Dressage Training

Natural Horsemanship

Ready to take your riding to the next level?  Tired of hearing … "more leg, more forward, half-halt!"? 
 "Enlighten" yourself … and your horse!
Muriel Chestnut suggests get back to the basics with … "French Classical Dressage"!
Why French? ...The French school endeavours to preserve and pass on the teachings of the Great Masters of Classical Equitation. Using an in-depth analysis of the horse's biomechanics, locomotion, and psychology in order to convey an understanding that is truly meaningful and kind to the horse's natural state. It is this great respect for the horse that is the foundation of all good teaching.

"Artistic riders don't only appear in the show ring, in fact,  many are quietly working in remote arenas, practicing Academic Equitation to a high degree. This is what needs to be  promoted."

- Muriel Chestnut