​​Enlightened  Dressage  

"Ethical ConsciousnessFor All Equestrians"


To preserve the foundations of Classical Dressage Training, utilizing the methodology of Natural Horsemanship Trainers and Academic Equestrianism by promoting excellence in education.

To combine the teachings of the Great Masters with modern scientific knowledge of Equine Behaviour and Ethical understanding of correct horse training

To make this knowledge accessible to all horse enthusiasts regardless of background or discipline who seek riding lessons with a well-educated instructor.

To maintain RESPECT FOR THE HORSE as the center of all interactions we have with our horses. 

To produce a happy horse that is calm, attentive, willing and responds with ease to the lightest aids of the rider. 

But perhaps most importantly, to produce a rider who is also a good horse person, who understands and works with the needs of their horse without the use of force or mechanical means.